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Actors Get Woke on Gun Control


We love movies. The art of recording, cutting, and arranging film to tell a compelling story is a beautiful, creative medium with so many applications. The craft of the actor is a time-honored discipline that is deserving of praise and attention. But sometimes, those who work in the art of rendering fiction into an audio/visual medium are not as informed about real world events as they imagine they are.

Actors have a problem. For one thing, they are so revered that they tend to believe they are special in some way. They tend to believe their craft gives them more insight into history and the human condition than they have. These weaknesses make actors easy tools for propagandists to use to create messages that influence the population. The mentality of the actor also has a strong tendency to orient them toward a liberal bias.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with true liberalism. Classical liberalism is the foundation of English Common Law- which is based on Christian values and composes the founding principles of western thought. The main pillar of true liberalism is the notion that each human is sovereign.

But of course, the uninformed liberal in the west tends to become a radical leftist, and this is the position most actors find themselves in. However, when exposed to the truth — honest liberals will quickly change their minds. That is exactly what happened to these actors after being exposed to real facts about gun control.

Warning: what you’re about to see may make you jump out of your chair and dance.

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