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Americans are Growing Tired of Constant “Trump-Bashing”


The election of President Donald Trump brought on an outcry from the left-wing media unlike any other in history. News networks dedicated 24/7 coverage to criticizing every minute action that the President made, comedy shows churned out one poorly-written joke about the President after another, each harsher and more unprofessional than the last, and leftist bloggers wrote about Trump’s election with all the doom and gloom as if it were the end of days.

After a barrage of this Trump-bashing from most every media outlet in existence carrying on for over two years now if you count Trump’s time as a candidate (which really was when the bashing all began), the American people are finally growing weary of it all.

A new survey shows that 43% of likely voters feel that there is too much Trump-bashing in popular culture. The jokes aren’t drawing any more laughs, the non-stop negative coverage is no longer taken nearly as seriously as it once was, and leftist, Trump-bashing bloggers are left screaming into the void.

When you combine the timeless fact that everything grows old after a while with Trump’s continuous line of successes both on the economic and foreign policy fronts, it comes as little surprise that Americans would eventually grow tired of hearing the media bash him nonstop for increasingly trivial reasons.

To hear Michael Loftus’s reaction to the survey showing that the constant Trump-bashing in the media and in pop culture is finally getting old, be sure to check out the video below.

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