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Ann Coulter: ‘Liberals Wanted to Get Rid of Roseanne’


The left appears to have only one thing to say to those who dare to disagree with them in public, ‘We hate you, and we will destroy you.’

If you think that sounds like an exaggeration, just look at what happens when their friends step out of line, and what happens when their foes fall out of line in the same way. Just days ago, “comedian” Samantha Bee, who used to be funny when she was on The Daily Show, called Ivanka Trump a ‘feckless C-word’ for posting an image on Instagram of herself hugging her son. In this clearly scripted diatribe, Bee crossed a line that if a conservative had crossed, liberals would be calling for blood.

Similarly, MSNBC host Joy Reid was recently discovered to have written blogs in the mid-2000s in which she says disparaging things about conservative men, accusing them of being gay. It was a textbook example of how lefties reveal what they actually think about the people they portend to protect.

Of course, there are the cases of campaign fraud where Rosie O’Donnell illegally used straw donors to exceed donation limits, and Dinesh D’Souza who allegedly did the same thing. Looking at these cases, it’s clear that D’Souza did not intend to break the law, and O’Donnell clearly did. D’Souza was prosecuted, and O’Donnell was not.

Now we have the case of Rosanne Barr, who Ann Coulter says, the left was just looking for a reason to dispose of her from the very beginning. Here’s Fox News with the interview:

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