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Are Millennials Really More of a Basket Case Than Other Generations?


It’s pretty fashionable for those of us on the right side of the aisle to dig at millennials for being overly sensitive, idealistic, disconnected, and so on — but is the generation’s experience really that different from those that came before?

This is the question YouTube commentator Lauren Southern had for self-described Austrian identitarian leader Martin Sellner, a controversial cultural critic in the country. What followed was an eye-opening conversation about what exactly makes millennials different from their predecessors.

It’s certainly true that previous generations have all had to grapple with political identities — and that new ways of thinking routinely clash with the old. However, millennials truly may be living a unique experience.

Unlike the baby boomers, millennials have grown up without any memory of what Sullner describes as the “golden age of liberalism” — a time when the free market was seen as a precious treasure to be protected rather than a hierarchical order to be overthrown.

So, what exactly makes millennials so unique? Is there a hard reason for the “snowflake” phenomenon? Follow the whole conversation in the video below.

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