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Ben Shapiro Fact Checks NYT Study on ‘Racial Oppression’


One common narrative of the left is the idea that systematic oppression and racism prevents certain groups from ever getting ahead in America. While problematic in its message and lacking in its evidence, this narrative has long served as a powerful tool for liberals to use to unite minority voters behind their agenda.

Attempting to put some evidence behind this narrative, the New York Times recently released a comprehensive study titled “Extensive Data Shows Punishing Reach of Racism for Black Boys”. However, it turns out there are as many problems with this study as there are with the narrative it tries to support.

For one, the word “Boys” in the title is significant, since the study showed that black women tend to do just as well or better than white women when given the same circumstances. If racism was really to blame for the disparity the New York Times attempts to show, there should be a discrepancy between black women and white women as well.

What’s also worth noting is the fact that the study dismissed many of the left’s favorite solutions to combating systematic racism as having no effect on shrinking the gap between white men and black men. Solutions the study found to be ineffective include forced neighborhood integration, minimum wage increases, and cash transfer programs.

To hear Ben Shapiro break down this New York Times study as one likely explanation for why the outcome gap between white men and black men exists, be sure to check out the video below.

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