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Black American Trump Support Has Doubled Since Kanye


Jesse Lee Peterson is famous for saying that the Democrats don’t like it when black people try to leave their ideological plantation.

Since the New Deal reformations of the early 20th century, the Democrats have all but destroyed the black American community. They’ve done this by selling them fear of their white neighbors and herding them into inner city kill zones where crime, punishment, and crushing poverty are inescapable facts of life- The Northern Plantation.

Before the New Deal, the black community was rapidly recovering from the era of slavery. The black family was strong. Black people were creating businesses, entering professional fields, and making important contributions to society. Today, liberal policies and Democrat lies have destroyed all of this progress. The left has seized upon the residue of fear left over from slavery and nurtured it into a festering cancer of hatred.

After 8 years of the Obama administration, race relations in America are worse than they have been in over 150 years.

The damage to the black community was done in no small part by demoralizing black fathers and destroying their authority in the family. Study after study has shown that children raised without fathers are at significant risk of all manner of problems from criminality to disease. Indeed, the destruction of the black family is one of the democratic party’s most dramatic successes.

But now, one prominent black man has broken free of the democratic ideological plantation.

Here’s Larry Elder on the sea change that has been tipped off by Kanye West’s support of Donald Trump.

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