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Busy-Body Leftists Turn on the Simpsons


Up until around the mid-90s, it was right-wing conservative Christians who were screaming about dangerous rock and roll music. It was the right that was full of moralizing busybodies who wanted to suck the fun out of life and make the world boring — at least that’s what the narrative was

We don’t know how it happened, or why — but today’s anti-fun, anti-humor busybodies are all on the left. It seems like it’s got something to do with ideological power. Once a group of people has it in spades, (uh oh, is it racist to say ‘in spades’?), they seem to lose their sense of fun and start going after things people enjoy.

The left has been doing this for some time now. First, they started demeaning things men tend to enjoy. Hunting became evil, even though hunting for food is far more humane than factory farming. They went after the NFL, and have almost completely spoiled the televised sports by infecting it with identity politics.

Some time ago, they got their fangs into comedy television. You couldn’t have a TV show without two or more characters from socially protected groups.

They went after video games and table-top games in 2014, telling nerds their hobby was sexist and that they should get out. The nerds were backed into a corner, and they fought back. It was the first victory the world had seen against radical social Marxism, and it was beautiful.

Now, they’re going after the Simpsons. Here’s the Daily Wire on why the Left doesn’t want you to do the Bartman.

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