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College Professor Ordered to Apologize for Elevator Joke


King’s College Professor Richard Ned Lebow is apparently a latent sexual predator, according to another educator who reported him for making a joke about women’s underwear while both of them shared an elevator.

During what should have been a benign encounter, Lebow and Merrimack College professor Simona Sharoni were attending a conference in San Francisco. At one point during the elevator ride, Lebow was asked which floor he was getting off at. His response? Women’s lingerie.

Sure, maybe this isn’t grade-A comedy. You yourself might even find the joke distasteful and unprofessional. But it doesn’t change the fact that it was just that — a joke. This is hardly something to bring down the heavy hammer of international scorn on someone, but Professor Sharoni clearly felt differently.

This underscores the culture war being waged by the radical left on the rest of western civilization. Anything and everything can be twisted around to be some sort of sexual harassment case, and it’s making men and women afraid to even interact with one another.

Check out the breakdown on the incident by Rebel Media in the video below.

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