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Congratulations, You Made the Cheer Squad… and So Did Everyone Else


According to psychologist Jordan Peterson, hierarchies of competency as strategies used to negotiate with the world are older than trees, older than flowering plants — possibly even older than the central nervous system.

As humans, we have developed into both social and ideological beings. We live in accordance with stories that tell us how to behave, ancient stories that have given us the hero myth, and so much more. In response, we have developed tradition on top of tradition that lionizes those who strive and succeed.

We emulate and admire heroes as role models, leaders, and subjects for storytelling.

After perhaps hundreds of thousands of years, we finally developed a hero story based not only on action, but on compassion, charity, and truth-seeking — the story of Jesus Christ. This story has given us the foundation of western thought, which tells us that each human being is a container of a part of the Kingdom of Heaven and as such is to be respected above the collective and unjust laws.

Indeed, the freedom and power that we enjoy as westerners is all due to the highly refined application of multiple hierarchies of competence. Each of us is free to work hard, struggle, and achieve in any way we are both driven and capable. But public schools are attempting to take the competitive drive that makes progress possible out of our children.

“Congratulations Jimmy, you made the team. Don’t worry, the other kids can’t play either. Now get out there and lose with all your heart!”

Here’s Tucker Carlson on the push toward participation trophies for everyone.

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