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Conservative Comedian Owen Benjamin Nails it on Free Speech


Politics is not often given a chance to be humorous, but the conversation between Andrew Klavan and Owen Benjamin presents a different side of conservatism. This might be just the break you need from overbearing liberal heartache media grabs.

Klavan has always been a tongue-in-cheek kind of host, but the interview with Benjamin takes his skill to the next level. Klavan does not always give the best interviews because he sometimes can’t get out of his snark. However, Owen plays right along with it and elevates the discussion – a true professional in his craft.

When you bring comedy into the picture, the subject matter for politics can get a bit more varied. People tend to give comedians a bit more license. However, if you listen between the lines in this interview, Benjamin gives some of the best down home advice for conservatives of any interview that Klavan has ever had.

Benjamin is also no stranger to controversy. Some may say that he has built his career off of it. However, there is a difference between a shock comedian and someone that you can actually listen to for advice about your everyday life. Benjamin is definitely the latter.

This is one of the best interviews that The Andrew Klavan Show has ever put on tape. Take a close listen. Also, keep Benjamin in mind when you get too much liberal media and need a healthy comedic fix.

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