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Conservative, Millennial ‘Soccer Mom’ Running for Congress in Ohio


The conservative movement will always be led from the bottom up. As the millennial generation takes the reins of the world, we must look to them to create the action that will move us all forward. There is one 29-year-old mom in Ohio who is certainly providing all of us some long overdue inspiration.

Christina Hagan recently did an interview with Fox & Friends to discuss her Ohio House campaign. This is a pro-Trump, pro-gun, pro-life advocate who really knows how to work her way around a microphone. One wonders where she got the time, as she is also a full time mother of one and pregnant with twins!

Hagan faces quite the challenge. Her opponent is a well-known athlete who already has a head start in funding as well. However, Hagan is definitely the candidate with the momentum at the current moment. If you listen to the interview, you will probably say that she is the better talker as well.

When it comes to moving forward the conservative effort, we need to put our money behind the people who really represent us. Who better to do this than a mom of one, soon to be a mom of three? This is exactly the representative that Ohio needs in its legislature. More than that, this is the example that we need for the national conservative movement.

Take a good listen to the Fox & Friends interview, and if you’re in Ohio, get ready to vote!

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