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Conservative Students Hold Pro-Gun School Walkout


Will Riley – the founder of the gun rights group Stand for the Second – is issuing a call to action for supporters of the Second Amendment, and organizing a pro-gun school walkout to counter the gun control walkout that was the talk of national media when it took place.

The goal of this walkout is to provide a voice to young students who support Second Amendment rights, and there’s much more of them than the media would have you to believe. According to numerous reputable polls, younger generations are actually less likely to support gun control than their parents. This reality stands in direct contrast with the narrative set forth by the left-controlled media, which says that the entire younger generation wants guns banned while the older, rich elite are keeping it from happening.

The battle to defend our Second Amendment rights is by far one of the most important political issues of the century, and it’s a battle that the left is attempting to win by silencing the voices of Second Amendment supporters in order to convince the American people that the entire country is in favor of gun control legislation. Now is the time, though, for the silent majority to be silent no more.

To learn more about Will Riley’s call to action for Second Amendment supporters, what he hopes the movement will accomplish, and the challenges that it is facing, be sure to check out the video below.

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