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Conservatives are Actually Happier Than Liberals


A study came out recently that shows people with conservative political views are happier than those with left-leaning views. Well, we probably don’t need to tell you that the left is really upset about that, and whenever the left isn’t happy about something, they start insulting people. And that’s what you’re about to see.

The study, simply showed that people with conservative political opinions are more satisfied with their lives and with themselves than liberals tend to be.

There’s a simple reason why this would be the case and it has more to do with a person’s big five personality traits than it has to do with intelligence. But, the reason a leftist would tend to be more unhappy is that they are focused on things about the world that look wrong to them. Conservatives are focused on things that they want to preserve — or conserve.

It stands to reason that someone who sees things they want to change everywhere they go would be miserable. Likewise, it makes sense that someone who wants to defend and conserve things that they believe are good would have a more sunny disposition.

Of course, PBS didn’t like hearing this, and took it personally. They took it so personally, that they went to great lengths to argue that the reason conservatives are happier is because they are simple-minded.

It’s funny because all you have to do is point a liberal at something and they want to tear it down, in this case, it’s the happiness of conservatives.

Here’s the video.

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