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Democrats Admit They Want a Recession


Envy, tribalism, spite; these are the hallmarks of the Democratic Party. They can’t stand anything good being done by someone outside their ranks. It really highlights the fact that they are not interested in improving the lives of the American people. What they are interested in is winning political points at the expense of conservatives.

It’s never been clearer than it is now.

We have a president who is actually diffusing a nuclear standoff in North Korea, but the left is telling us he’s legitimizing a dictator. For over fifty years, the DPRK has been bullying its neighbors and threatening the whole world. No one has done anything about it until now, until Trump.

We have a president who has done more for black people than any other president since Lincoln. But the left still calls him a bigot. There is no word for it other than ‘pathological.’

It’s like being in a marriage and never getting any help in the kitchen from your spouse. Then, one day, your spouse starts to see things your way and cleans the kitchen better than it’s ever been cleaned before. Most people would be thrilled — because the point is a clean kitchen — not who cleaned it the best. But the left isn’t thrilled with Trump’s clean kitchen, because they see it as a win for him, not a win for everyone.

Well, they’re copping the same attitude about the economy. The economy is booming, and Democrats want to sink it. Here’s Mark Dice with an appalling clip.

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