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Democrats Lose Their Minds Over Amazing Jobs Report


At this point, we don’t expect Democratic lawmakers to give the Trump administration credit for anything — and there’s no reason to in the future.

President Donald Trump is presiding over a historic economic boom, characterized by the lowest levels of black unemployment since the federal government has been keeping track of it, and the lowest overall unemployment rate since 2000. Naturally, this doesn’t exactly help the Democratic election campaign going into the midterms, so its no surprise that leaders like Nancy Pelosi don’t really want to talk about it too much.

But they are talking about it — and actually complaining about it. Just recently, Pelosi decried the May jobs report, suggesting the growth in the number of jobs available in the country is doing little to help the average American.

Yes — jobs are suddenly bad for America. That’s truly amazing logic.

Hear Mark Dice set the record straight on how the Democrats are reacting to all this by watching the video below.

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