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DOJ to Look into Alleged FBI Informant Planted in Trump’s Campaign


The level of corruption within the FBI regarding their handling of Donald Trump and his campaign during the 2016 election continues to grow more and more extreme.

The most recent bombshell in a long string of bombshells showing how far Obama’s FBI was willing to go to undermine Trump’s chances at the Presidency is the allegation that the FBI planted an undercover informant in his campaign.

In light of this allegation, the DOJ inspector general is looking into the supposed informant and his purpose in infiltrating the Trump campaign. The evidence at this point seems to pretty clearly indicate that an informant from the FBI was indeed placed inside the Trump campaign, supposedly to gather and report back information about the campaign’s supposed ties to Russia.

The DOJ’s investigation will likely look into whether or not the informant was placed inside the Trump campaign for political purposes.

In the past, the media and those on the left have scoffed at President Trump when he suggested that his campaign was spied upon by the FBI. At this point, though, most all of Trump’s allegations have turned out to be true, plus several more.

To learn more about the FBI informant in Trump’s campaign and how the DOJ intends to go about its investigation, be sure to check out the video below.

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