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Donald Trump’s DOJ to Investigate…the DOJ?


In a truly unprecedented move, President Trump is calling on the Department of Justice (DOJ) to conduct an investigation into itself about possible impropriety concerning the executive branch.

The executive branch has the right, according to attorneys, to demand the compliance of the DOJ when it comes to matters of national security. There are very few matters of higher order than possible tampering in the sacred passage of power from one administration to another. President Trump has a right to know if his campaign and his administration were subject to surveillance from Obama, Clinton and other domestic initiatives.

All of these entities have been trying to find a link between Russia and President Trump ever since it became evident that Trump would take power.

So far, there has been no legitimate evidence linking Trump to Russia – at best, there are tenuous connections that are only relevant to ancillary associations. Trump took a picture with someone who had a meeting with someone who had a Russian grandfather at some point – the reaching is truly ridiculous.

However, the DOJ has taken it to another level when they allow their political motives to interfere with the duties they are required to initiate on behalf of the country. One of those duties is not, and has never been, to plant evidence on the President of the United States.

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