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Facebook Believes it is Your Moral Overlord


If there’s one thing we’d like to drive home here at Liberty Video News, it’s the fact that your radical progressive techno-god overloads know better than you. They understand your needs and the needs of those around you far better than you ever could.

That’s why the government has the right to take your money and spend it on whatever they damned well, please. First of all, just look at the way you dress. Why, we’d bet there’s nothing in your wardrobe that cost more than a meager $500. How can you expect to own a quality garment for less than that? Better yet, how can you expect to have a positive impact at all if you aren’t flying private jets to sustainability conferences to lecture people about the sin of driving internal combustion cars?

Worse still, based on your comments and share vectors, we feel safe saying that you probably don’t even accuse your political enemies of the crimes and vices that you yourself are guilty of. How can you expect to win a battle for power if you aren’t slandering your enemies?

Undoubtedly, you’re relying on merit to bring you through. We’ll see how meritorious you are after drinking a gallon of fluoride and watching 20 hours of Kim Kardashian.

So that’s why Facebook has to monitor your Facebook pages and block your exchanges of free thought, er, we mean hate speech. Yeah, that’s it. Hate speech. That’s just what Mark Zuckerberg intends to do.

Here’s hate monger Ben Shapiro on Zuckerborg’s Zuckerberg’s, new hate speech protection initiative.

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