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Hip-hop Star Kanye West “Loves Trump”, Praises Candace Owens


“Woke” celebrities are hard to come by these days, unless you count the army of blue checkmarked grandstanders who seem to make a living off of virtue signaling on social media.

Hip-hop star and cultural icon Kanye West, best known for his overtly narcissistic personality as well as his decorated career in music, took the entire internet by surprise recently when he endorsed a variety of conservative ideas and individuals.

Taking to Twitter to sound off on his new “wokeness,” the rapper praised Turning Point USA’s Candace Owens, and slammed the idea of accepting victimhood as a state of being. Essentially, he penned a rant against cultural leftism, and the liberal media lost its mind as a result.

This isn’t Kanye’s first foray into politics. During the 2016 presidential election cycle, West stopped a number of performances to deliver monologues attacking the mainstream media, which he claimed was lying to its viewers about a number of things. He also met with President Donald Trump to discuss race relations, and apparently had nothing but positive things to say about him after the fact.

Now, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here — it’s not exactly the healthiest thing in the world for political movements to attach themselves to celebrities who have a record of being volatile in their personal lives. However, it is refreshing to see the cultural shift happening in front of our eyes.

As Paul Joseph Watson says in the video below, conservatives are becoming the new rock stars — and populism is the new punk. Watch the video below for more.

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