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How Does Donald Trump Compare to Ronald Reagan?


An interesting fact about the greatest, finest, most patriotic Republican presidents is the fact that they are always treated like red headed step children by the left wing media. The amount of effort and the levels of volume used to pillory these, arguably our finest presidents is difficult to meter — because there is no comparison.

Sure, the squeaky wheel gets the grease, but sometimes the squeaking is so bad that we really ought to replace it!

Let’s start with everyone’s favorite president, Honest Abe Lincoln. Lincoln is loved today because of his starting the Civil War in order to end slavery. The left has to love him now because they can’t keep minorities afraid of conservatives if they don’t maintain that part of their narrative. However, it was the Democrats who were in favor of slavery. Sure, they’ll tell you that there was a “great shift” of the parties and it was really the Republicans, but they are lying. There was no great shift of the parties.

The Democrats invented racism. That’s why they accuse everyone else of being racist — that’s their prime directive, “Be awful, blame others accordingly.” But, they were violently opposed to Lincoln. That’s why an actor assassinated him. People who play pretend for a living are almost always Democrats. It’s something to do with their natural hatred for reality.

But of course, Lincoln was far from the only great Republican president to get the tar and feather treatment from the left. Here’s author Larry Schweikart, on the similarities between Trump derangement syndrome and conservative president hatred.

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