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How the Left Killed Star Wars


Stories are a vital part of how humans learn, cope, find meaning, and transmit knowledge and culture.

Good stories do two things, according to the wisdom of the poet. Those things are to please and instruct. The pleasant nature of stories makes them palatable, like the sugar that helps the medicine go down. The instruction, well, we needn’t say much to communicate the importance of instruction. Let it be sufficient to say that without the active digestion of instruction, human beings wouldn’t be worth much.

Some stories rise to the level of the transcendent. That much is self-evident. Throughout history, the most transcendent stories have become the texts of religions that have made whole civilizations possible. Of those, the finest, the most powerful, and the most beautiful have a few important things in common. Some of the values imparted by these best of the best stories are the promotion of key values such as the divinity of the individual, the subordinance of the law to the dignity of the individual, the indispensability of virtue and personal responsibility, the value of charity, and the need for subservience to the truth.

In modern times, a few popular stories have arisen as candidates for canonization. These usually come in the form of films, since films are easy to digest. Examples include science fiction epics like the Star Trek series, the Dune novels, and the Star Wars saga.

Arguably the most spiritual and effective of these is Star Wars. But the franchise has been appropriated by the apparatchiks of a political agenda. Here, Think Club expounds on the queasy subversion of this modern classic to social-Marxist ideology.

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