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If You Want Enemies, Tell the Truth: Why the Left Hates Jordan Peterson


Here at Liberty Video News, we’ve been talking a lot about Dinesh D’Souza lately. That’s because his story is a terrific example of what can happen to you when you tell the truth- particularly when you tell the truth and attract fire from people who have a vested interest in suppressing the truth.

What happens is this; you go through a long, dark, and dangerous night of the soul. It is a difficult and perilous journey through which not everyone emerges whole or safe. But those who do emerge successfully find new and better friends and a new glorious purpose in service to the truth and to goodness itself.

There are none more vicious or unscrupulous than those whose interests, and indeed whose paychecks, depend on their fealty to untruths. For those of us who seek out information from sources other than those given to us by the idiot box and mainstream state-sanctioned news outlets- the embattlement of truth seekers has become especially apparent since around 2012.

Something cosmic, something spiritual and global seems to have shifted around that time. Since then, those who seek truth have been pushed into a war against lies- often against their will- and a shadow has risen against them. Those who have fought hardest for truth have risen up like pillars of light. Dinesh D’Sousa, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Donald Trump, and Jordan B. Peterson come to mind- but there are so many more.

Here’s a discussion and some clips by the YouTuber Voltaire, on why the left hates truth speakers.

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