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Is it True that Trump Can Actually Pardon Himself?


The latest mainstream media liberal distraction tried to make an issue of Pres. Trump saying that he could “pardon himself” from misleading and disruptive investigations of the executive office.

In what world is this controversial? Not only does the president have the backing of the Constitution, but it is also an issue of national security. Investigating the CEO of America is not quite the same as investigating the CEO of a private corporation. There are real lives at stake], including the innocent lives of diplomats and brave soldiers.

What liberals do not realize is that when they make an issue of executive malfeasance, especially when none has been proven, they endanger the lives of Americans across the globe. How would any of us feel if our chain of command was somehow distracted because of political games that had nothing to do with us?

While the media is playing games, we have spies trying to prevent Iran from gaining a nuclear weapon. They undertake the most dangerous missions on behalf of all of us, yet the liberal media says nothing about them. This media prefers to focus on ridiculous arguments made from a false news case leveled against Pres. Trump for purely political reasons.

In all reality, Pres. Trump will never need to invoke his constitutional power to pardon himself from ridiculous increase from an obviously politicized Department of Justice.

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