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Islamic Terror Groups are Using Facebook to Grow their Influence


After it was uncovered that Facebook was not thoroughly protecting the private data of its users, the social media company came under serious fire, culminating with Mark Zuckerberg being called to testify before Congress. However, one new report shows that the dangers prevalent on the world’s largest social media community may spread far beyond a simple breach of privacy.

In a report detailing the Islamic State’s use of social media to spread their ideologies, researchers said that ISIS is placing increasing significance on using Facebook to radicalize and recruit people across the globe to join their cause. Meanwhile, actions taken by social media giant to stop Islamic extremists from using the platform in this way have been almost nonexistent.

The biggest threat that ISIS poses to the United States has long been their ability to recruit and direct home-grown terrorist within our borders, and social media is their tool of choice for doing so. While Facebook focuses on censoring conservative content and “fact checking” anything that doesn’t line up with the company’s far-left ideology, ISIS and their recruitment efforts on the platform have gone unopposed.

To learn more about ISIS’s use of Facebook and the company’s inadequate response to the problem, be sure to check out the video below.

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