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It’s Time to Admit Obama Lied About the Iran Deal


President Trump is on the verge of pulling the United States out of the Iran nuclear deal, much to the dismay of European leaders such as Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel. However, now that the truth about the deal is coming out, we’re learning that the entire Iran nuclear deal was predicated on two major lies by President Obama.

The first lie was that Iran is fully holding up their end of the bargain. In spite of the conditions set forth by the Iran nuclear deal, Tehran’s nuclear program as well as their ballistic missile program are still going strong, and Iran continues to engage in hostile actions in Syria. If the US is to remain in the deal, President Trump wants oversight put in place to ensure that these actions do not continue.

The second lie Obama told the American people about the Iran nuclear deal was that it was the only way to curb Iran’s nuclear ambitions short of going to war with the country. This, however, is entirely false. There are plenty of measures the US can take to stop Iran’s nuclear program that involve neither Obama’s terrible deal or a war with Iran, including sanctions on the country, support of Israeli airpower, and support of revolutionary movements within Iran.

To hear Ben Shapiro discuss the ways in which Obama lied about the Iran nuclear deal, be sure to check out the video below.

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