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Jesse Lee Peterson: “The Left Wants to Control Your Mind”


Jesse Lee Peterson is a black man in his 60s. He’s a Christian pastor living in Los Angles. He was raised during the Jim Crow era. He talks about growing up picking cotton. But he also makes some surprising claims.

Jesse says racism is not real. He says it’s a lie given to us by what he calls the children of the lie. He often argues with callers on his show. They contend that racism is real and that the evidence is all around us. But Jesse continually insists that it is not racism we have to deal with, rather it is evil.

He tells us angry people are the children of their father the deceiver. The deceiver, according to Jesse, sows anger into the hearts of his followers. Jesse argues that the spirit of anger finds any excuse at all to express hatred — which is the nature of its master. That hatred only needs an excuse to raise its ugly head. Race differences are just one example of an excuse which the spirit of anger can use to spew hatred, Jesse says. And he goes on to say that racism isn’t the problem. The problem is the spirit of anger that animates race hatred.

Jesse explains that the left uses accusations of racism to bring down its political enemies, but that it is a lie that distracts us from the real problem, the spirit of anger.

In this CRTV clip, Jesse discusses the problem of leftist attempts to control the thoughts of their opponents.

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