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Joe Biden and Morgan Freeman are Both Gross


The #MeToo movement has a new poster boy – Morgan Freeman. This is an actor who has been old his entire life. Really? He hits on women? This is just going overboard.

You may really think it’s overboard once you hear the allegations. No one actually has Mr. Freeman doing anything untoward. His accusers claim that he leered at them during an audition. No touching, no words, just looks. Say what you want about Morgan Freeman, but feminists are just using his age and grossness to push forward a movement that will hurt conservatives in the long run.

Joe Biden, however, is the actual slimeball in this new video. Biden, tucked and hidden away from the serious issues of the day, suddenly comes out of his hibernation to throw barbs at President Trump. Biden may be setting himself up for a run at the presidency in 2020. This is likely what he is doing, because he hasn’t been seen on any of the actual issues regarding real America these days.

The Democratic party, both men and women, are both latching onto ridiculous movements and smear campaigns to catch up with conservative progress under President Trump. It is a truly shameful thing to see how liberals push forward nonsense stories in the media to keep from actually dealing with today’s problems. It will continue, because they really have no agenda for the midterms.

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