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Jordan Peterson on the Tale of the Failed Man


Men are in trouble. Men are dropping out of schools at all levels in record numbers. Suicide rates for men are higher than they have ever been. Rates of heart attack, cancer, imprisonment, and work-related deaths are staggeringly overpopulated by men.

Much of this is a natural consequence of when it means to be male. Men are attracted to jobs where death is a real possibility — at least far more often than women are. But what’s not being talked about are the ways in which men are discouraged from being men — from developing the masculine virtues of protectorship, provision, and fortitude. Men are being told that there is something wrong with just being male, and it is having a seriously negative effect on men of all ages- but mostly younger men.

Since the institution of marriage began to erode, more and more men are left without fathers. This is a condition which is scientifically proven to increase the rates of criminality, suicide, and failure. A significant amount of men are being raised by households full of women.

We are being told that this shouldn’t matter. Yet, at the same time, we are being told that women need to see women in positions of privilege so that they can believe in themselves. But if men don’t need positive role models, why should women?

One result of this is the phenomenon of men dropping out of society. “If we’re damned either way, why play the game,” they ask.

Here’s Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson, on the erosion of the western male.

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