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Jordan Peterson Schools Left-Winger on Racism


New darling of the philosophy world Jordan Peterson took center stage against liberal professor Michael Eric Dyson to debate the topic, “Be it resolved, what you call political correctness, I call progress.”

The debate brought together two of the most noted speakers and political pundits from both sides of the aisle in a highly entertaining debate about a relevant topic. Political correctness is literally tearing our country apart, starting on college campuses.

Conservatives such as Milo Yiannopoulos are being silenced simply for looking to spread conservative ideas in institutions of higher learning. How backwards is this? At the same time, liberal media and pundits hide behind the tool of political correctness, calls for diversity and minority political distinctions (LGBTQ, gay, black, etc.).

Jordan Peterson is one of the only men in the world with the status and the skill to take on Dyson. Dyson doesn’t say much, but he certainly knows how to keep his mouth moving until someone believes that he is actually making sense. Peterson has the unique quality to see through big words, break them down into digestible components, and offer an alternative viewpoint that appeals not only to the erudite, but also to the layman.

Once you have the layman, you have the debate. When you have the debate, you have the ability to really affect politics. Watch the brutal exchange below.

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