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Leftists Accuse Ben Shapiro of Inciting Violence


Labeling all opposing voices as “hate speech” or “violent” in order to silence them is one of the primary tactics of control for the far left. Given the popularity of conservative commentator Ben Shapiro and the important role his platform plays in bringing conservative ideas into the mainstream, it comes as little surprise that the left would go after him with this sort of tactic – regardless of how flimsy their accusations might be.

During the trial of a man who went on a shooting spree at a Quebec mosque, it was uncovered that the shooter had viewed some of Ben Shapiro’s tweets. The leftwing media latched onto this fact, accusing Ben Shapiro of being the inspiration behind the shooter’s actions.

Of course, this accusation is ludicrous in every way imaginable. For one, nothing that Ben Shapiro tweets or has ever tweeted condones violence in the least. While Islamic terror is one of the topics he covers from time to time, even the most twisted individual could not misconstrue his remarks as a call to violence against Muslims. Secondly, Ben Shapiro has 1.4 million Twitter followers. Given that large of a base, the odds alone dictate that there’s going to be at least one bad apple in the bunch.

None of this matters to the left, though, as they are more than willing to grasp at even the smallest of straws if it means furthering their cause to silence any voice that does not agree with them. To hear Ben Shapiro’s reaction to these insane allegations, be sure to check out the video below.

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