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Leftists Intentionally Misinterpret Immigration Photos


Imagine you live in an enormous house with several generations of your family and extended family. Imagine you all have the same last name and share the bond of that comes with this commonality.

Because it is a very large house, accommodating many people over many years, it requires constant maintenance. The family also has to continually work together to figure out how best to deal with each other, distribute food and supplies, and organize themselves.

It is important that as many family members as possible agree on the decisions that are made. So early elders invented a system that combines rule by majority vote with some degree of fiat from the elders. This system is called a republic.

Now, you are an elder in this home. You love and care for everyone in it. But some of the younger generations have voted to grant themselves elder fiat power. On top of this, they are attempting to invite cast off families from other nearby houses into your great home. In so doing, these people who have no emotional tie to the home do not treat it or its inhabitants with any respect.

The home is still strong and well, but the elders can foresee a time when it will collapse from bringing in irresponsible outsiders. You attempt to stop the influx of non-contributing outsiders. But the youths who brought them in call you a tyrant. They strive to spoil your reputation and revoke your status as elder.

Here’s Mark Dice with more on how the Left is trying to destroy the reputations of those who want to protect our country.

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