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Meet the Most Politically Incorrect Conservative in a Generation


It is truly a great thing when a conservative stands up for his culture as well as his politics. Brian Kemp, the conservative candidate for Georgia governor, is doing just that.

You would be hard-pressed to look at Brian and not feel some pride in what really makes this country great. This is the man who really underscores the need for true conservatism. He is the embodiment of the bootstrap mentality that conservatives have been pushing for throughout the past 50 years. He is not just a paper advocate for guns – he actually owns them and shows them off in his campaign ads.

This is especially important considering the state that Kemp is running in. Georgia is in crisis. The staunchly conservative state is finding itself more and more bullied by its left-wing capital city. This is not the attitude that we need to have when it comes to one of the up-and-coming business centers of the American economy. Not only will it stop us from doing business with the rest of the world, but it also holds us back culturally as international leaders come into Atlanta to test our mettle.

Let’s show them the real side of America by electing Brian Kemp as Georgia governor. He will make sure that the money that comes into Atlanta actually comes into America as well. He will also make sure that conservative values stand tall in this country!

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