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Megyn Kelly Roasts Stormy Daniels’ Attorney


Megyn Kelly may have ended up on many conservatives’ bad side after she went after Donald Trump before going on to leave Fox News for NBC. However, Megyn Kelly still has her moments when she is spot-on. One of those moments came when Kelly called out Stormy Daniels’ outspoken attorney, Michael Avenatti.

Kelly started by asking why Stormy Daniels was the one leading the charge on whether or not Trump’s lawyer’s alleged payment to her constitutes election fraud, to which Avenatti responded that Stormy Daniels was a “principled woman” who just wanted the get the truth out. After a round of laughter from the audience, Megyn Kelly let loose, quickly reducing Avenatti to a stuttering mess.

Of course, the idea that Stormy Daniels – an ex porn-star who allegedly had an affair with a married man and then accepted hush money to keep quiet about it – is somehow a principled woman only interested in crusading for the truth is not a difficult argument to dismantle. Nevertheless, the way in which Megyn Kelly was able to roast Michael Avenatti on this point is still incredibly satisfying.

To see the full clip of Megyn Kelly grilling Stormy Daniels attorney as well as Ben Shapiro’s reaction to the interview, be sure to check out the video below.

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