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Milo: What Feminists Do When They Lose Debates


British television presenter Cathy Newman apparently took such a rhetorical beating during her interview with Jordan Peterson last week, that her feminist supporters are calling it abuse.

Never one to let such brittle accusations slide, conservative provocateur Milo Yiannopolous took this development to task in one of his latest uploads.

Yiannopolous, formerly of Breitbart fame, has been releasing several videos per day on his YouTube channel to promote his new podcast. The former Breitbart editor left the conservative website after several of his more controversial comments regarding his childhood upbringing came to light.

In the video below, Milo digs for the bigger picture regarding feminism and how its followers handle having their beliefs challenged in a public forum. Having done an interview with Cathy Newman himself, he brings a unique perspective to the conversation.

According to Milo, when facts become too inconvenient for followers of the far-left movement, they simply move to de-platform their supposed assailants by casting wild accusations.

Watch his full breakdown of the debate in the video below.

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