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MSNBC Wants Donald Trump Thrown in Prison


To be fair, it has to be tough for MSNBC to really set itself apart these days. While the network was once known as the liberal answer to Fox News, it’s been thoroughly shoved aside as CNN continues to ditch its reputation as the centrist newscaster.

Well, MSNBC may have finally recaptured its status as the flagship propaganda arm of the Democratic Party. In a recent panel discussion, guests on the network were barely able to contain themselves when discussing the possibility of President Donald Trump being detained by federal marshals.

According to one of the guests, Trump should be in prison already while Robert Mueller completed his investigation into whether or not the president collaborated with the Russian government to secure his election bid. This is boldly unconstitutional, considering no credible evidence has yet been presented to suggest Trump himself did anything nefarious leading up to that fateful day in November 2016.

This just goes to show that the radical left is relentless on any platform. To get Mark Dice’s hilarious take on the subject, be sure to check out the video below.

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