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NBC Makes Remarkable Error During Live Broadcast


How many deadly mistakes have the mainstream media made since they officially developed dementia after Trump announced his candidacy for the presidential election? (Excuse us while we fire up the scientific calculator.)

There have been many, of course. CNN, MSNBC, and the New York Times, just to name a prominent few, have been so wrong so many times during this period that their credibility should be entirely shot.

Their credibility is shot with people who are paying attention and who aren’t just playing politics as some kind of team sport over the soccer ball of power. But the left doesn’t care about the facts. They only care about who is on their side and who isn’t.

CNN alone has shot itself in the foot so many times that the fact anyone watches it at all is a sad epitaph on the condition of human rationality. As far back as the first Gulf War, CNN was caught faking footage. They were caught faking footage at least twice during the election cycle.

Brian Williams of NBC and Anderson Cooper have both been caught lying about having been on the scene of a story. Williams isn’t around anymore. Cooper is, because well… he’s a rare unicorn and must be protected.

Well, this time it’s NBC News who’s been caught, again, with their pants down in the petting zoo. They made a grave error that exposes possible illegal surveillance by intelligence agencies against Donald Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen.

Here’s Mark Dice with more on the latest MSM flub up.

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