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Poll: Democrats are Losing Millennial Support


To their credit, young people are beginning to figure out how the world actually works.

Millennials are fast becoming the most important generation in modern commerce. In a few years, they will hold more wealth in their hands than any generation before them. They will be making decisions for the children and the elderly people of our nation. As they grow into their newfound wealth and responsibility, they are becoming more conservative.

This is shocking news, considering the generation’s reputation for being overly progressive.

It is definitely important to understand this phenomenon. Why is it that people who get older, have more money and must take care of things always become more conservative? Even a generation that was overrun by liberal propaganda and fake news becomes more conservative as it gets older. We can definitely look into the future and see it will continue to happen in future generations. However, it is something that we all need to understand so that we can continue to make sure that happens.

The video here is also a very interesting watch in and of itself. If you are at all interested in the overlap between psychology, the economy and politics, you will definitely be interested in this video. It packs a punch, so you may have to watch it more than one time in order to understand what is really going on.

You should also look at the buying power of Millennials so that you understand exactly what this generation is growing into – a truly unprecedented amount of wealth and responsibility surrounded by the most robust technology ever invented.

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