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President Trump Honors Seven-Year-Old Son of Fallen Marine


Speaking on Memorial Day at the Arlington National Cemetery, President Donald Trump shared a touching story about meeting the seven-year-old son of Marine Christopher Jacobs, who died in 2011 during a training accident.

“Last year at Arlington Cemetery, I met a young boy named Christian Jacobs. He was special,” Trump said during his speech, “He was standing fully in a uniform. His father was a great man to him and he was a great man to me. And Christian was standing over his father’s grave, saluting. It was something I’ll never forget. It was a moment I will always remember. Christian, I want you to know that even though your father has left this world, he’s left it for the next. He’s not gone, he’ll never be gone. Your dad’s love, courage, and strength live in you, Christian, and as you grow bigger and stronger, just like him, so, too, does your father’s incredible legacy. So thank you both. That’s so beautiful. Thank you.”

Trump’s respect for the armed forces is something that is fully evident even to those who might oppose his policies, and some of Trump’s most heartfelt moments come when he is speaking to or about members of the military. To see clips of Trump’s speech as well as an interview with Christian Jacobs and his mom, be sure to check out the video below.

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