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Scottish Comedian Refuses to Pay Fine for Telling a Joke


The culture war that we are embroiled in is essentially a battle to decide what speech is acceptable and what is not. In other words, it is a battle to decide whether or not people who disagree on political topics will have the power to silence their political opponents.

One one side of the debate are those who believe that people’s ability to speak their minds should be virtually unlimited, outside of inciting riots. On the other, there are people who are so certain that their view of the world is correct, who are so sure they have a full and complete grasp on morality and right action, that any opposition to their opinions should be criminalized.

These are people who are either seeking the power to censor for themselves, or they are of the sort who do not understand that once granted, power over people is never returned without a fight.

At this very moment, in England, Canada, and Australia, people are fighting for the right to express their opinions. Advocates of free speech are being detained under powers granted by laws that were written to target terrorists. Now, the very foreign terrorists who were legislated against are going free while those who speak out against them are being targeted under the jurisdiction of anti-terrorism laws.

In the U.S., we have the First Amendment. Otherwise, things would look very different indeed.

Here’s British YouTube comedian Count Dankula on his battle to make jokes without the interference of the legal system.

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