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Shapiro: Democrats Have No Midterm Momentum


Another masterful interview on Fox News featuring Ben Shapiro showcases how Democrats do not have an agenda for the midterms. This is worse than not understanding how to elect legislators, however. Having no agenda means that liberals would not know what to do with that power if they actually lucked up and got it.

The conversation begins with a much needed redirection on the issue of Israel, moving into the misdirection of liberals concerning Trump. So many of the issues that the mainstream media blames on this administration actually began during the Obama administration, and liberals are completely unwilling to admit it.

This lack of direction is moving forward in the Democrat party into the midterms. Liberals have no direction when attacking conservatives. All they can do is attack. All they have, as Shapiro says, is “how much they hate President Trump.”

Democratic leaders are telling rank and file members to stop talking about impeachment and Russia. However, liberals would actually have to deal with true policy discussions if they let the nonsense go.

Shapiro lays it all on the line in this interview and hits every relevant issue within a 10 minute time span.

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