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SJWs Berate Utah Teen for “Racist” Prom Dress


Just when you think the regressive left couldn’t reveal itself to be any more insane than it has in the past, stuff like this happens…

A Utah teen was hit with a wave of insults on Twitter after she posted a photo of herself and her date before going to prom. Insults targeted the teenager’s choice to where a Chinese-style dress, and her “prayer” pose with friends. According to the horde of social justice warriors, this was an act of “casual racism” and cultural appropriation.

As a quick reminder — nearly every culture in existence has borrowed or influenced another. It’s the reason why the streets of East Asian cities are packed with people wearing western-style clothing, why Americans love sushi, and why most styles of music exist at all.

This charge of cultural appropriation is little more than a dull attempt to slander someone for daring to explore another way of experiencing life. Naturally, the radical left loves it.

Watch the video below to hear Mark Dice break down the situation.

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