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Steven Crowder Exposes Anti-NRA Protester


The liberal media has been hyping up a “massive” protest that took place at an NRA conference in Dallas, and YouTuber Steven Crowder was perfectly happy to expose the demonstration for what it was.

Posing as a character named Jean-Guy, Crowder arrived on scene in a wheel chair and spoke with a heavy French-Canadian accent. While at the protest, Crowder managed to land an interview with the event’s organizer Dominique Alexander.

According to Alexander, the demonstration drew inspiration from the controversial Black Lives Matter movement. During their conversation, Crowder continuously asked Alexander to clarify his statements when he cited examples of mass shooters, whom he suggested were supported by the NRA — which isn’t true in the slightest.

This isn’t the first time Steven Crowder has made a mockery out of a leftist demonstration. He did the same for the Women’s March, where he gained access by simply claiming to be transgender. At South by Southwest, he sent his intern to infiltrate a meeting on transgender issues. The intern claimed he identified as a computer, which very quickly upset the people there. The results were hilarious.

Watch the full video below.

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