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Swimsuit Competition Cut from ‘Miss America’ — Because Feminism


A competition built firmly on the idea that men like looking at attractive women in limited amounts of clothing (take a minute to digest that) has decided to completely rebrand itself by ditching its most popular element.

In a statement that would seem shocking if it were released any other year, the Miss America beauty pageant has announced that it will no longer be including its characteristic swimsuit competition for its participants. Apparently, the organization will now focus on the “hearts and souls” of its competitors, and forgo any focus on outward appearance.

How the event’s organizers believe they will garner any ratings at all is a mystery to precisely everyone. After all, Miss America winners haven’t exactly been renowned for their intellectual contributions to society.

Of course, all this is really going to do is convince men to check out scantily-clad females elsewhere. However, this does speak to the state of our culture in the United States — one which is increasingly growing hostile towards people who dare to be physically attractive to others.

Never the one known to pull punches on anything culture-related, InfoWars commentator Paul Joseph Watson let it all out in his reaction to the news. Check out the full video below.

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