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Teaching Children Being a Boy or a Girl isn’t Good Enough


We’ve talked quite a bit about maleness being under attack. This is something that we see as a war on the strength of the population. It’s clear that a great part of the biological role of a male is to protect his family and his community from internal and external threats. So, if you wanted to weaken a population and make it more vulnerable to attack, you would degrade their men.

You would degrade their maleness and make them want to be more like women. It’s the same logic behind the push to ban guns. It’s about taking a population and transforming them into a resource that can be plundered rather than a force that must be reckoned with.

Don’t pay any attention to what the low-level political activists say. These are just useful idiots, and they’ll be the first up against the wall come the revolution- because all they know is how to tear systems down. They are just following their programming. Pay attention to what they do and judge the intentions of the people who are crafting the narrative according to that.

But it isn’t only maleness that’s under attack, it’s the 98% of the population that is heterosexual. Children are being taught about sex and “gender fluidity” as if more than 2% of people were something other than male or female. It’s being taught as if being male or female is weird or somehow deviant. Children aren’t just being offered gender-neutral toys- they are being told they should prefer them.

Here’s Steven Crowder with some disturbing video.

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