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The Left Can Now Kill TV Shows Over Tweets


Everyone is talking about Roseanne Barr’s new ABC show – or lack thereof. The network canceled the reboot and fired hundreds of innocent people because of a harmless tweet about a former Obama-era official. Gone are the days when a comedian could actually do her job.

Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock have both said the same thing – we are living in a world of absolutely stifling political correctness. There is no room to bring America together through laughter anymore. Comedians can’t even get to the punchline, because they are being dragged offstage by liberals during the setup.

The witch hunt for Roseanne also speaks to the unfair treatment that conservatives face in mainstream media. How many times have liberals made comments that are unfavorable about conservatives? Is anyone going after the young lady who was caught on camera assaulting Tomi Lahren? No? Then why all of the attention on Roseanne, Don Lemon?

It never fails – liberals put political correctness above all else. They put it above the jobs of about 200 people who were making a living off of a show. What will they do now? Will the liberals cheering on this nonsense be at the soup kitchens to feed the guy who was holding the boom mic? No? Then they should probably shut their own mouths.

The First Amendment is the first one for a reason – words are even more important than guns. We do well not to forget that.

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