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The Lessons We Should All Learn from the Bill Cosby Case


When the accusations against Bill Cosby emerged, many were willing to convict him on the spot. Things got pretty ugly from there. That’s because while many, many… and we mean many, women came out with accusations against America’s (one time) dad, there was a contingent of people who believed a bigger problem was arising from the trial of public opinion.

They believed we were losing the sacred ideal that a person is meant to be treated as though he were innocent until proven guilty. Of course, we are not arguing that people do not have the right to presume guilt on their own. It may not be wise to assume things we do not know, but people certainly have a right to their opinion.

But the real problem is that we had people who felt compelled to defend Cosby’s right to a fair trial and that these people were accused of defending rape. Now, it’s worth asking — how did it come to be that we are a country populated at least 50% by people who can’t tell the difference between defending rape and defending a fundamental right?

If you ask us, that is not a natural level of stupidity. It has got to be manufactured. Manufactured by what? By failing a school system, entertainment addiction, and bad food. Nevertheless, we don’t have to defend Cosby’s right to a fair trial anymore. He’s been found guilty. Now, we can only learn from his mistakes.

Here’s Pastor Jesse Lee Peterson on the lessons of Bill Cosby.

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