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The Real Cause Behind the Violent Crime Wave in London


For the first time in modern history, the murder rate in London is now higher than the murder rate in New York City. What used to be a relatively safe city is now experiencing an unprecedented crime wave – and it’s entirely to blame on the policies set forth by the leaders of London and the UK.

Like many countries, the UK has completely opened up their borders to mass immigration, taking in refugees from war-torn countries such as Syria, Libya, and others. Not all of these refugees are criminals, however, an alarming percentage of them were born into a life of violence and crime and know no other way of getting by.

It isn’t just the UK’s lax immigration policies that are behind the London crime wave, though. Politically correct policies put in place by Theresa May and London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan have encouraged crime at every turn. For example, Theresa May made it illegal for police officers to pursue criminals on mopeds, citing safety concerns for the criminal. As any reasonable person could have predicted, the number of criminals using mopeds as their getaway vehicle skyrocketed the moment this policy was put in place. Meanwhile, Sadiq Khan has recently been pushing for “knife control” in order to curb the sharp rise in stabbings in a city that already doesn’t allow its citizens to defend themselves with firearms.

To hear Paul Joseph Watson break down all of the moronic policies that have made London such a dangerous place to be, be sure to check out the video below.

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