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The Tragic State of Democratic San Francisco


California is a beautiful place. It’s so beautiful, that millions of people have been scrambling to get there for hundreds of years just to enjoy the endless coastline, magnificent mountains, and legendary climates.

It stands to reason that many of the country’s most populous and glamorous cities have been constructed along the western edge of the Sunshine State.

But, the degradation of these west coast cities into liberal hellholes was as inevitable as the end of a westward journey. Why? Because liberal hack politicians do not know how to solve problems. They only know how to invent problems, get elected on the promise of fixing those problems, and then tax the life out of everyone in order to fund their non-functional solutions.

It’s happened in big cities all over the nation, liberals have sequestered minorities into slums. Prodded by race-fear, and drawn by handouts, the nation’s minority populations have been baited and switched into subsisting in liberal-made shooting galleries — rife with homelessness, drug use, and murder. Then, they’ll call you names if you don’t like what they’ve done.

But, it’s most distressing to see this ruination fall upon the cities of the west coast. As a symbol of the final development of the English principles of Common Law, and the clarity of the enlightenment- California should have remained bright, peaceful, and pacific.

Instead, this beautiful landscape has been transformed into a fetid swamp — festering under the corpse of the American Dream.

Here’s Tucker Carlson with more on the destruction of California.

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