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The Truth Behind Virtue Signaling


Christ directed his followers to say their prayers in private. Those who say their prayers in the open and display their virtue in public, he said, already have their reward and will not have anything added unto them in Heaven.

It’s an admonition that the left should embrace. If the left was more interested in doing good than it is in appearing good, this world would probably be a much nicer place to live. However, this is not the bent of the typical leftist. Their motis oporandi is to first tell you that they are against poverty, rape, violence, murder, prejudice and the like.

Dear reader, we ask you — who the hell isn’t against those things? What sane and free person in your life is not already naturally opposed to poverty, and rape, and violence, and racism … ? For the love of God, can we stop taking people seriously when they run out of their houses and say they are opposed to pain and suffering?

The fact is, while left-leaning lunatics are spending their time telling you that they think it’s just awful that some people are racist and then look at you like you should think they are amazing, conservatives are lovingly raising families and giving to charity, and housing the homeless, and doing real work to retard the progress of suffering.

Here, Paul Joseph Watson exposes virtue signaling liberal after virtue signaling liberal — each and every one of which turns out to be virtuous in word only.

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