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Trudeau Losing Canadian Support; Ontario Returned to Conservatives


Justin Trudeau, once the hero of the babyface liberal movement, took a huge hit to his image and his political maneuverability this election season. Conservatives took Ontario by storm, wresting control of the vitally important territory from the country’s Liberal Party.

Trudeau himself widely kept himself from saying too much on the situation. However, the effect was seen across the globe. European and South American nations, which have both been going conservative of late, see the switch in Canada as part of a global reawakening.

Canada will need strong, established conservative leadership if it is to do business with a reinvigorated conservative business movement in Mexico and the United States. Mexico seems to be responding to the Age of Trump much more positively than it’s northern neighbor. As President Trump reimagines trade agreements across the continent, Canada would be wise to get back on track while the getting is actually good.

If conservative movements continue to perform as well as they have in this election season, you can bet that Ontario is just the beginning for Canada. Watch the video below to see what this recent election could mean.

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